Magic Natura Animal, Waterpark Resort Бенидорме
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CARER FOR 1 DAY SEA LIONS Magic Natura Animal, Waterpark Resort в Бенидорме

Magic Natura Animal, Waterpark Resort
Magic Natura Animal, Waterpark & Polynesian Resort - Бенидорме -
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CARER FOR 1 DAY SEA LIONS Magic Natura Animal, Waterpark Resort

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 Magic Natura Animal, Waterpark Resort Бенидорме


The health aspects and looking after of the sea lions responds to the fantastic "invisible" work of the carers and trainers of the team. Do you want to learn the practical way what kind of care our sea lions receive? Now you have the possibility to join for 1 day the team that look after them and prepare their quarters, indoor tanks, outside pools where these animals spend their day to day.
With this experience you will participate in the daily work in the installations of the sea lions and the daily examinations to check out their health and daily needs.
Suitable for adults and children (accompanied by an adult).
The activities to participate will adjust to the daily activities of your visit.
It is forbidden to take photos (or send them without authorization of TNB Management.) in the interior installations or areas exclusively reserved for staff use.
You may consult tames at, calling us at 96 607 27 70 or at the main gate of Terra Natura Benidorm or Aqua Natura Benidorm.

Важная информация
Вы должны учитывать, что для того, чтобы воспользоваться любой услугой EXPERIENCE, необходимо разместиться в отеле Magic Natura, в любом другом жилье сети Magic Costa Blanca с билетами на включенные парки (вы должны проверить, включает ли договорной пакет отеля эти билеты, иначе будет необходимо приобрести их) или приобрести билеты Aqua Natura и/или Terra Natura заранее, соответственно.

Окончательное подтверждение бронирования и доставки ваучера на доступ будет сделано на рецепции Magic Natura Resort и будет зависеть от наличия - бронируйте как можно скорее!


Capacity: 2 people.
Timetable: 9´30h – 13´30h.
Duration of activity: 4h.
Season May to October.
*Price incluyes ticket to Terra Natura Benidorm.